The Highest Paid Driver in NASCAR

NASCAR makes reference to for National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing. The impact that the NASCAR has been making through the years in the sports industry is overwhelming. If you were wondering how much money the NASCAR’s drivers make, we will show youthe highest paid Nascar driver:

Dale Earnhardt

Earnhardt has been the highest paid driver for seven years straight until 2016 when he had a concussion in the final 18 races of the season. He also won the spot of the top among fans, and also the Nascar’smost popular award with a shocking amount of votes, 68% of votes from the fans. It’s undeniable the support that Earnhardt has, starting from the fans to all of the NASCAR’s team.

$22millon in One Year

He made it to the list, by earning $22 million in 2017, in spite of his retirement, and they continued to support him by buying his merch. The sponsors that he gets also helped him be the highest paid. He made almost 1 million per race with his N° 88 car. The 43-years-old driver also earned the spot by gaining almost 4 million from personal endorsement partnerships such as Chevrolet, Nationwide and Goody.

20 Years of Experience

He is also known as the prodigy of sports, by having almost twenty years behind the wheel. In 2016 alone he made $23.5 million. The two-times Daytona 500 winner has made a name of himself by winning 24 races as a Nascar driver.

Earnhardt has demonstrated how important it can be to have the support of fans even through his retirement, but he still makes almost the same amount of money to when his competing due to his fans. Fans continue on buying his merch and buying meet&greet to get to know him.  He started off not being well-known, and he has turned the tables around and has made himself the highest paid Nascar driver.

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