Racing Events

There are countless events throughout the year that surrounds car racing. From the most recognized ones such as Daytona, F1 or NASCAR. To new events that take the attention of fans every year, since one of our task here in Stocks for Tots is to write about these events and their schedules we take our job really serious when we come to this.

For that, let’s take a moment to discuss the most important events this year surrounding car racing.


nascar - Racing Events

NASCAR or “National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing” is one of the largest events known in car racing history. Since their stock cars events draw the attention of the public each year to show off their latest races and the competition of the new cars that face each year in a number of exciting races.

NASCAR is also responsible for many great events that surround the car racing industry. Such as the well-known Daytona 5k that is celebrated each February in Daytona Beach. Or other major cups such as the well-known “Winston cup” that was very entertaining back in the 50’s.

Formula 1

f1 - Racing Events

F1 is known as the greatest event in car racing history and one of the most popular and privileged competitions of the world. Here the best racers of the world face each in the Grands Prix, in circuits specially made for the competition or public roads.

Formula 1 works with a point system that shows and evaluates the performance of each competitor and their automobile as well. This is made to only evaluate more carefully each racer and to determinate who is the best one.