Chevrolet Releases New NASCAR Competing Mustang Model

Chevrolet has finally released the brand new NASCAR, which is set to compete in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series in 2019. Ford gave them the task of creating a vehicle that would remain the heritage intact and which would transcend when it comes to being a pioneer in the matter.

This all-new Nascar Mustang is going to be competing for the first time in history, also being one of the best-selling sports cars, and it has finally decided to compete in NASCAR’s top-level Cup racing series, and this magazine has the entire scoop just for you.

Mustang Started Racing In The 60s

Mustang, even when it wasn’t such a globally known brand, started racing in 1964, and surprised all of the audience when it turned out to be the winner, and soon after it continued on racing and winning.

The feedback of this news has left everybody stunned. The public is absolutely amazed by the idea of a Mustang competing in 2019 for NASCAR, and many are sure this vehicle is set up to win.

The Anticipation Is Killing Us

The designers working for Ford worked really hard trying to make this car as perfect as they could by always keeping in mind the true vision of the Mustang Classic era, while mixing it up with NASCAR’s rules, making sure the Mustang looks as good as it looks on the streets.

Everybody is looking forward to seeing the style, the elegance, and the performance the Mustang is going to bring to the track.

It Has a Wonderful Winning History

As said before, Mustang has a long history of competing, as it does with the Nascar Xfinity series since 2010, and has come out a winner in all competitions except for one. Mustang has competed in SCCA Trans-Am, IMSA and, NHRA, as well.

The Nascar Mustang is going to compete for the first time, on February 17, 2019. And as the public, we are all sure the Mustang is going to surprise us all. The fans are waiting for a positive come-back, and we are sure it would be an amazing performance on the Mustang’s behalf.

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