NASCAR Teams’ Value Falling as TV Ratings Drop

We are in the 21st century, and with a lot of new things are emerging, such as the undeniable come-up of technology. With this progress, the TV ratings have been undoubtedly affected by this phenomenon, and with this, the sports industry has dropped its ratings in an astonishing way.

Tv Is Not As Used As Before

The TV ratings in the 2018-2019 seasons have dropped at least a 20%, with fans to watch the games anymore, deciding to aim for other ways to watch the game. Having Youtube, and other multiple choices of stream media, the fans no longer watch TV, having other things to do, or just being busy when the show is on, they rather watch it in their own time than to stream it live.

As a consequence of this, the NASCAR’s teams have lost an incredible amount of sponsors, which is one the most important entrance of money that they have. The brands are seeing that the number of viewers is dropping, deciding instead of sponsoring the teams, they sponsor the other media channels that the viewers are tuning in to.

NASCARTeams’ Are Losing Money

In fact, this season the Daytona 500 pulled the lowest rating of their history, with a 5.1 rating. The teams’ have lowered their earnings a 2% compared to last year, with a net worth of almost $158 million.

The last two years the most important sponsors have decided to walk away, like Target, subway, and Cheerios. This is a worrying situation, especially for the teams and drivers. One of the Nascar’s most important cars, Roush Fenway, has a value of over $140 million, lowering their ranks over a 55%, from $313 million a decade ago.

The trio of Hendrick, Gibbs, and Stewart-Haas hascombined an income of 17 million, having decreased their income about $19million from the $36 million they made the year before.

With the use of technology, the Nascar’s teams fear that their income will continue on being affected. With also the amount of recognized drivers who have retired, Nascar doesn’t seem to catch a break. But still, the true car racing fans continue on supporting their idols and watching the games, as Stock for Tots usually does.

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