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The 4 Types of Car Racing

Auto Racing has been gaining more and more attention throughout the years, with the excitement and the adrenaline rush that this sport can provide, as people is getting attracted to this type of activity. In case you are starting to get into the world of card racing, here are 4 types of car racing you might like.

Formula Race

formula 1 car - The 4 Types of Car Racing

This is the most known and qualified form of car racing. It’s characterized by having only one seat, open wheel circuit where the wheels are placed outside the body. The tracks are made specifically for formula races and the cars are often custom-made.  Also keeping in mind that these types of cars are not designed to be used in the streets as a casual-normal car.

Sports Car Racing

lambo - The 4 Types of Car Racing

Unlike the formula car, this car has two seats, and enclosed wheels. There are two types:

Prototype Race Cars: These cars are characterized by having bodywork covering their wheels. And they are specially designed to compete on closed circuits

Grand Touring: This is the most common way of sports car racing. And they are divided in GT1 and GT2.

Stock Car Racing

drift - The 4 Types of Car Racing

The most famous type of car racing in the United States, it consists of cars that have been specifically designed in a certain style, only used for racing. This type of track is as exciting as it can get, done in an oval-looking track, it pushes all of the drivers to the limit

NASCAR is the most famous association of stock cars, and they are in charge of the Daytona 500, and the Southern 500.

Drag Racing

drag racing - The 4 Types of Car Racing

This straight line competition is held within a short distance -200 to 400, becoming the most basic form of the car race. To participate in this competition you can even use a regular car or you can opt for a specifically designed car for a drag race. Trust our word.

These 4 types of car races are set up to be exciting and to give out as much adrenaline as they can. All of them are worldwide known, and they are getting more attention each and each year.

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